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If you are looking for information on how to level a yard you probably know it is instrumental in keeping your landscape aesthetically pleasing. A level yard provides stability to your outdoor landscape. It also allows you to avoid serious damage and costly repairs to your foundation. Your lawn must slope away from your home gradually to allow rainwater to drain away slowly from your foundation.

  • How to Choose the Best Landscaping Rake for Your Backyard Jobs
  • Tips For Landscape Grading The Right Way
  • Extreme duty landscape rake – top 4 choices [reviews]
  • Kodiak 6' Landscape Rake
  • Landscaping Roundup: 18 attachments for raking, leveling, mowing, mulching and more
  • Landscape Rake Independence Series
  • Landscape Rake
  • Structron - 36" Landscape Rake with 66" Fiberglass Handle
  • Aluminum Landscape Rakes
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How to Choose the Best Landscaping Rake for Your Backyard Jobs

Learn which plants thrive in your Hardiness Zone with our new interactive map! A landscape rake is a hard-tined metal rake that either can be a hand rake or can be attached to a garden tractor. Garden rakes can range from a few tines to wide rakes with closely spaced tines.

Unlike a leaf rake, landscape rakes have very little give as you work them through the soil. Landscape rakes are sometimes called garden rakes. Landscape rakes are often used to break up clumps of soil that might interfere with seeding and planting. By repeatedly raking soil, large clumps break up into smaller clumps. If a landscaper wants very small clumps, or even no clumps, using progressively smaller landscape rakes can result in very fine soil surfaces.

A landscape rake, especially if leveled and mounted behind a garden tractor, can help level soil. Soil leveling is important if planting a large expanse of grass, such as in a park or on an athletic field.

Landscape rakes are useful for soil grading. Grading is the process of creating an incline with soil. Wider landscape rakes can be useful when cleaning up after tree or shrub pruning. The hard tines can trap stiff branches and twigs and help to stack them for collection.

A small landscape rake can help to remove weeds from between garden rows. Although a hoe is often the tool of choice for weeding, a small landscape rake can either remove larger weeds or help you to gather weeds cut with a hoe from between your garden rows.

Livestock stalls often have straw as bedding. Once the straw becomes soiled, it needs to be removed. A landscape rake sometimes is a good tool for hooking the soiled straw and pulling it from the livestock stall. Although he grew up in Latin America, Mr.

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Tips For Landscape Grading The Right Way

The rakes gather rocks and debris while allowing soil to sift through. A weld-on D ring adds extra capabilities to these rakes, including puling brush in forestry applications, or scrap from a jobsite. Attaching to skid steers, compact track loaders and multi-terrain loaders, the box blade comes in two models: a 7-foot blade and an 8-foot blade. The attachment can be operated manually or by using the Cat AccuGrade system.

The Bobcat Landscape Rake attachment rakes and collects surface debris whiles smoothing and leveling soil.

Extreme duty landscape rake – top 4 choices [reviews]

The long curved teeth provide more efficient grading on the backstroke, while the deep grading edge allows for superior leveling. The bolted-through wrap-around bracing that distinguishes the Structron and Midwest Rake brand rakes from other imitators. A solid aluminum plug in the head-to-handle connection, unlike other brands that use wood or plastic plugs, or even no plug at all. Landscape rakes have rounded teeth that provides smooth non-gouging raking action, while its strinking edge is excellent for grading. Strong wrap-around brancing and heavy-duty double rib construction maximizes head stability and ensures long-lasting performance. Choose Favorites List. Structron - 36" Landscape Rake with 66" Fiberglass Handle. Please Make Product Selection s. Qty: Quantity.

Kodiak 6' Landscape Rake

These allow your rake to collect loose material without the tines tearing into your lawn. Please call to individually order the wheel kit and check compatibility. Went with the independence series for the rake--didnt think Id need the extra fifty pounds and the kickstand--also saved a little bit which helped for the boxblade and forks pinn. Does exactly what i needed it for-- grabs all the rocks that seem to grow every year better than my veggies--great not have to bend and throw them ALL.

Landscape rakes are used for leveling sand. Landscape rakes feature teeth in a straight row instead of the fan-shape found on the leaf rake.

Landscaping Roundup: 18 attachments for raking, leveling, mowing, mulching and more

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Landscape Rake Independence Series

Shop for Rakes Landscape rakes can sometimes be called leveling rakes, grading rakes, gravel rakes or beach rakes. They resemble garden rakes but generally have much wider heads. Most landscape rakes have two braces as additional support to hold the head to the handle. They are used to move and level a variety of ground surfaces, such as sand or soil, as well as tough materials like light stones and chippings. They can also be used to gather up various garden debris, such as leaves and grass clippings. However, they are not normally strong enough to be used with very heavily compacted soil or heavy rocks. Often, they also have longer handles than some other rakes, up to 1.

Spread out and level the ground when preparing your gardens, flower beds and other such tasks with the help of the Garant Pro Series landscaping level rake.


This article highlights the most common 3 point landscape rake uses, to help you make an informed decision when undertaking various jobs in your back yard. A 3 point landscape rake is simply a heavy-duty rake attachment that comes configured to connect to a 3-point hitch, hence its name. In most cases, the setup allows you to smoothly adjust the height up and down to your desired position. The design of the 3 point landscape rake makes it ideal for a wide variety of applications as long as the tractor has enough power to pull the rake.

Landscape Rake


Download our Brochure here. Welcome to Chelwood Tool Co. Chelwood Tool Company originally based near Bristol but now in Devon, is a family run business that has been renowned for its excellent quality and design of a range of commercial and professional rakes for over 50 years. Our specialist tools are handmade and have been distributed all over the UK and many parts of the world since

Roughneck Aluminium Landscaping Rake 36" mm

Structron - 36" Landscape Rake with 66" Fiberglass Handle

Woods landscape rakes come in a variety of widths to fit your equipment and your needs, with rugged construction to ensure long service life. Learn more about Woods landscape rakes. Choose standard-duty models with fine raking features for light-duty lawn care and general maintenance. Woods medium-duty models are built to tackle everything from seedbed prep to landscape grooming to the toughest construction-grade projects. AGCO Reman is the name for our range of remanufactured products.

Aluminum Landscape Rakes

Trying to make things look natural, even when nature has put the high and low spots in the wrong places, takes real talent. But grading is also a science, and there are some basic techniques that need to be followed to ensure the landscape not only looks good but also functions properly. There are both aesthetic and functional considerations. This book is written for people who just want to know how to grade.

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